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I grew up in a tiny cotton town in rural Louisiana where hunting, fishing and farming were a way of life. Between chopping cotton, dove hunting and Little League ball I developed a love of great adventure stories like Call It Courage and Kidnapped.  The one gift I always requested for Christmas was--books!

Like most southern boys of that era, I saw the military as an honorable and adventurous career--and a way out of the cotton patch. Members of my family had served in the Army in every American war since the Civil War (save the Spanish American War), so it was a natural step for me to attend and graduate from West Point. I just missed Vietnam, but found that life as a Captain in an army broken by that war was not what I wanted. After tours in Germany and Korea, I returned to Louisiana and civilian life and began a 10 year career in government, including four years as a senior official in the Pentagon during the Reagan administration. During those years I saw the US Army reborn from its post-Vietnam nadir to become the outstanding force it remains today.

Through it all, I retained my love of great adventure writing and when I had two sons I began telling them stories before bedtime. Those stories became my first novel, Longbow.   With the publication of The RansomedCrown in September, 2016, The Saga of Roland Inness is complete.  This four book saga was always intended to tell the coming-of-age adventures of a young archer from the Midlands and by the end of the fourth book, I think it is safe to say that Roland has come of age.  If readers wish to move on they can,  but the end of the 12th Century was a turbulent time and both trouble and duty have a way of finding our man.    I am currently at work on the next Roland Inness book, which I hope to have out in 2017.