A Prince of Wales
The Saga of Roland Inness-Book Five

With King Richard’s return from captivity and Prince John’s exile, a weary peace settles on England after years of civil war. But across the border in Wales, the vicious struggle to decide who shall rule Gwynedd still rages.  To tip the balance, the rebel Prince, Llywelyn, calls in an old debt from the Earl of Chester. The Prince saved the Earl’s life and helped him take back his city. Now, he wants Sir Roland Inness and the Invalid Company to help him take back his country.

The Ransomed Crown
The Saga of Roland Inness-Book Four

King Richard has made peace with Saladin, but must run a gauntlet of enemies to get home from the Crusade.  While England waits for her King, Prince John spares neither lives nor fortune to usurp his brother’s crown. Roland Inness, Declan O’Duinne and Millicent de Laval once more find themselves at the centre of a growing civil war.  Each will play a crucial role in deciding who will ultimately sit on the throne of England.  The Ransomed Crown is the rousing conclusion to The Saga of Roland Inness.

The Broken Realm

The Saga of Roland Inness-Book Three

Knighted by King Richard, Roland and Declan are sent home from the Crusade with an urgent message for the King's mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. They find their homeland to be an even more dangerous place than the Holy Land. King Philip is threatening Richard's domains in Normandy, and in England, Prince John is pushing the country toward civil war in his bid to take his brother's crown. William de Ferrers, Roland's mortal enemy, now controls all of the Midlands and Sir Roger de Laval's wife and daughter have fled to Wales. The two young knights face a grim homecoming, but they are not the same young squires that left England. They are fighting men now, and such men are needed if Richard's kingdom is to be saved.

Declan O’Duinne
Book 6, The Saga of Roland Inness

With King Richard making war on the French and Prince Llywelyn consolidating power in Wales, peace prevails across England and the Welsh Marches. But bloody strife rages in the north of Ireland, drawing Declan O’Duinne back to his homeland. He’s been ten years gone, but some things never change. The Anglo-Normans relentlessly expand their Irish domains while the Irish kings fight amongst themselves. Can Declan and his fellow knight, Roland Inness, help save what’s left of free Ireland?


The Saga of Roland Inness is the tale of a fourteen-year-old boy who possesses extraordinary skill with a longbow. It is a story of courage, loyalty, honor and treachery. Most of all, it a story of high adventure set in a time so filled with drama it has spawned legends that fascinate people to this day. It is the time of Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood, Eleanor of Aquitaine and William Marshall, legendary figures all--some real and some fictional.  The Sagas first four books--Longbow, Warbow, The Broken Realm and The Ransomed Crown tell the coming-of-age tale of Roland Inness. Once that tale was told, I fully intended to move on to other stories, but something unexpected happened. Readers all over the world found something special in Roland Inness and his companions and wanted more. So the Saga continues. A Prince of Wales, the fifth in the series was published in November, 2017. Declan O'Duinne, a new Roland Inness adventure set in Ireland, was published in November, 2018.  I hope you will enjoy the books I've written as much as I enjoyed writing them.

The Saga of Roland Inness—Book One​

​​Roland Inness desperately needs meat for his starving family, but he takes the wrong deer on the wrong nobleman’s land. Worse yet, he uses his longbow, a weapon outlawed and suppressed by the Norman overlords of England. Now they are coming for him. With one shot the 14 year old peasant boy is launched on a desperate flight that takes him from the mountains of Derbyshire to the wild frontier of Wales and on to the court of Richard the Lionheart.  Along the way he is hunted by a paid killer, aided by a strange monk named Tuck, and taken in by a gruff Norman knight, who values his amazing skill with the bow.  That skill and his courage are sorely tested as he fights to earn the trust of his new master.


The Saga of Roland Inness-Book Two

Having found his place as a trusted squire to a Norman knight, Roland Inness sets off with his master, Sir Roger de Laval on a perilous mission to the Holy Land.  King Richard has sworn to take Jerusalem from Saladin and orders Sir Roger to assess the military situation. Joining them is the Templar Knight Tuck as they contend with Moors, Berbers and a Sicilian usurper before reaching the battlefields in the east.  There, Roland sees the ugly face of war and tests his mettle.  In England the land is awash in political intrigue and Millicent de Laval finds her self drawn into the deadly game as Prince John plots to turn England against King Richard.