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Wayne Grant

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Best Selling Author of Historical Fiction

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Latest Release

The Long Rifles

The Inness Legacy, Book 2

Will Inness and Gus Dawes have outrun Oliver Cromwell’s arrest warrant and fought off a Seneca war party to make a home for themselves on the wild Virginia frontier.  But war is raging in the wilderness between the Five Nations of the Iroquois and their neighboring tribes while religious conflict threatens the peace of the English settlements on the coast.  Will the violence reach them in the mountain valley they call Eden?


Nowhere is safe from old enemies with long memories.

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“I've loved each and every book this author has written. His heroes are kind, his heroines brave. The books are honest about human frailty and cruelty. Historical aspects are never boring and well researched."

"I was really doubtful that another story could measure up to Roland Inness, but I am loving this new story. Thank you Wayne! I will be impatiently waiting for the next installment."

Praise & Reviews for The Inness Legacy

“Another riveting installment of Wayne Grant's Inness Saga. Will Inness fights in the English Civil War then ends up fleeing Cromwell to the New World. Gripping and beautifully told.”

"Wayne Grant writes stories you want to keep reading, it's that simple."

"I absolutely love this author. The time and effort he puts into researching his material is reflected on every page. Most importantly he’s a great story teller."

"As historical fiction goes, this series is up there with Bernard Cornwell and the best of them!
Great characters, realistic battles, well developed heroes, villains and ladies.
Highly recommended!."

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