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Wayne Grant's Bio


I grew up in a tiny cotton town in rural Louisiana where hunting, fishing and farming are a way of life. Between chopping cotton, dove hunting and Little League ball I developed a love of great adventure stories like Call It Courage and Kidnapped.

Like most southern boys, I saw the military as an honorable career, so it was natural for me to attend and graduate from West Point. I just missed Vietnam, but served in Germany and Korea.  I found that life as a Captain in an army broken by Vietnam was not what I wanted and returned to Louisiana and civilian life.  I later served for four years as a senior official in the Pentagon and had the honor of playing a small part in the rebuilding of a great U.S. Army.

Through it all, I kept my love for great adventure stories.  When I had two sons, I began making up stories for them about a boy and his longbow. Those stories grew to become my first novel, Longbow.  From there I spun the story of Roland Inness over six more books.

Having completed the story I set out to tell in The Saga of Roland Inness, I turned to a new story that had been floating around in my head for years, a story of the early settlement of America, which begins with No King, No Country and continues with The Long Rifles.

To learn more about me and my books, visit my Longbow Facebook page at

The picture was taken in Acadia National Park, Maine in August, 2018.

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